An eye on the wind

Opening reception Saturday 11th, 5 to 9pm, 
On view from February 11th to April 21th, 2017.

In the world of today many artists are working amidst flowing creative winds that are blowing about and that draw from the surrealistic to the paradoxical. Amongst them are eleven women, each exploring different paths, paths that do not rely on the previous past. These work brings with them the rewards of a fresh wind. Their ingredients are drawn from this and that, street art to digital, mediums from iron to marble, figuration to mechanical. The result of this enhancing breeze produces eleven female creators who have mastered their work.

Who observes this underrated current?

Well, it is one who has a seasoned mind; one who has curatorial thought; one who has an exploring keen eye, and one who can reflect on the artistic happenings of the time.

Artistes: Pétra Werlé, Misstic, Carolina Sardi, Valeria Pili,
Laura Nillni, Pia Myrvold, Milcho, Sun Mi Kim, Keren, Sabre Esler,
Irène Dubrovsky, Susanne Pettersson Bergman.