Solange Galazzo

Born in 1957 in Tunis, lives and works in Paris

Nights – Paris, September 2004

Fluorescent? A nightclub flirting with neon lights? Oranges too orange swearing by blues too dark?

Flickering lights where the city sparkles in a distant landscape transformed by the fiery rising moon?

Solange Galazzo knows how to paint the night, the mysterious landscape that veils the colors of the city, desert and ocean in an inti- mate glow. Each canvas is an adventure com- bining crimes and passions. A ship all agleam casts off in the port of Acapulco.

Mexico City looms up in the distance as the dark mountains fade away. Emerging from the deep of the night is a coral fan whose col- ors will vanish at the crack of dawn.

Poetic and imbued with mystery, Solange Galazzo plays with the night as a princess of darkness dabbles her brush in light.

Lélia Mordoch