Carolina Sardi

Born in 1967 in La Plata, Argentina, lives and works in Miami

Carolina Sardi is a sculptor who manages to give metal an organic dimension. Born in Argentina, she lives in Miami and the theme of her first work was exile: when the world shrinks to the size of a few suitcases, in which it is hard to decide what to put of one’s previous life. But journeys come to an end, and a new life begins where another nest must be car ved out.

Carolina Sardi’s idea of a nest is a house in the middle of the countryside not far from Buenos Aires where her grandfather is a beekeeper; a house full of rooms where children have fun playing hide and seek and where there’s always another room to explore.

The beehive mirrors the house. Sardi is fascinated by bees, busy, black and yellow creatures constantly buzzing around, who build geometrical honeycombs where nothing is left to chance.

The image of a beehive is a recurrent feature of her work. Cells become a nest, the symbol of both infinity and origin. She hollows out her sheets of metal until they are simply a series of empty cells. The elements, which she polishes and waxes, break loose and turn into something else, take on a life of their own. She uses these elements to build installations that respond to her sculptures in a dialogue of forms and contours. All the spectator has to do is join in. Once outside the nest, the bee takes flight on the wall in a swarm that shapes its own space.

Sardi bends iron to her will to make it express her vision of the world. Perhaps it’s her characteristic use of mathematical and serial repetition that today leads her to take an interest in the stars and recreate constellations on her studio walls. From earth to sky, stars to bees, Carolina continues her exploration of what lies between microcosm and macrocosm.

Lélia Mordoch