Lan Bar

Born in 1912 in Rava-Russkaya Poland 1912/1987

Lan-Bar Paris, March 1992

Where does Lan-Bar fit into the Montparnasse art scene of the 1950s?
Born in Poland, the young Israeli painter emigrated to Paris in 1948.

He worked alone and, from 1952, oriented his painting towards abstraction.
Abstract expressionism or lyrical abstraction?

Lan-Bar composed his paintings in a mass of entangled colors, their structure balanced by the thickness of the oils slashed on with a knife. Hues merge together in the turmoil of lines quashed by half tones from which strong bright colors surge forth.The painting is pure lacerated matter, lines collide, stroke after stroke, disappear, are blocked, in a quest for an impossible, always fleeting, ever-dazzling intensity.

Lélia Mordoch