Susanne Pettersson Bergman

Born in 1965 in Lund, Sweden, lives and works in the Pays Basque, France

Say it with Roses – Paris, February 2008

“And as a rose, she lived as roses do, for the space of a morning…”

Susanne Pettersson Bergman refutes the fragility of flowers: her roses are eternal. Red roses, love and passion; white roses, pure and fatal; chestnut roses, nobody loves me anymore, not even myself.

If I were a little girl again, Ken and Barbie would get married in a big square bed. Who would Romeo and Juliet have become, if they had lived happily ever after and had lots of children?

After working long years as a chemist and sculptor, Susanne chose roses as a medium and mirror.

Depending on her mood, they show the entire emotional scale of love and desire, from the euphoria of shared passion to the loneliness of breaking up. I feel great. I feel bad. Is that me?

An intimate journal, written in graceful rosebuds and petals preserved in their cases, they form a series of images from a woman’s life, depicted with humor and modernity.

Lélia Mordoch