Bernard Rancillac

Bernard Rancillac Born in 1931 in Paris, lives and works in Paris 45 ans de peinture – Paris, February 2008 A partir de quand un peintre devient-il lui-même ? Avant de peindre comme Bernard Rancillac, Bernard Rancillac peignait comme… dans le « comme » se trouvent toutes les virtualités du peintre naissant. « Le cœur est un chasseur solitaire » renvoie [...]

François Monchâtre

François Monchâtre Born in 1928 in Coulonges sur l’Authize, Deux-Sèvres, lives and works in France Monchâtre, August 2001 François Monchâtre was born in the Deux-Sèvres region of France on August 5, 1928. His parents later enrolled him at the local school, which he diligently attended when not hypnotized by the “sublime beauty” of the agricultural [...]

Sun Mi Kim

Sun Mi Kim Born in 1976 in South Korea, lives and works in Paris On n'est pas tout seul au monde Sun Mi KIM est une artiste plasticienne coréenne dont le travail tourne autour de la relation entre les êtres et leur environnement. Elle tisse des liens entre eux à l’aide de fils qu’elle insère [...]

Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes Born in 1939 in Birmingham, lives and works in Great Britain Perpetual Perspective – Paris, March 2007 What’s happening to me? What’s going on? I must be seeing things! I must have drunk too much last night. One step forward, three steps back – the doors in the picture open and shut... they’re [...]

Sébastien Mehal

Sébastien Méhal Born in Martinique, lives and works in Paris Partir Des visages et des lieux, des villes et des hommes, des routes qui parfois se croisent… l’œuvre de Sébastien Mehal est résolument planétaire. Il déplace les villes d’un continent à l’autre en suivant les flux monétaires : Miami est devenue la capitale de l’Amérique [...]

Yukio Imamura

Yukio Imamura Born in 1935 in Ise, Japan, lives and works in France and Japan From Zenon to Mumuyes Paris, February 1995 The gesture is a blaze,and melts in action. The line is traced. Strength of the entire body. Frozen movement. Zenon Flight. After Zenon Flight came macrocosms on canvas, or the focus-on-phenomenon series Quarks [...]

Gérard Guyomard

Gérard Guyomard Born in 1936 in Le Pré-Saint-Gervais, lives and works in Paris Paris, March 2008 Gérard Guyomard’s painting is like his exuber- antly loud laughter: it bursts out from beneath his wide-brimmed hat in an everyday joie de vivre. When Guyomard exhibited his cut-outs at the Galerie du Centre, I instantly felt excited: [...]

Michel Potage

Michel Potage Born in 1949 in Sens, lives and works in Paris Flowers of War – Paris, December 2002 The emaciated corpses churned up by bulldozers in Alain Resnais’ film Night and Fog represent, for me, an image of absolute horror. The barbed wire around the World War II concentration camps had long turned to [...]

Joe Neill

Joe Neill Born in 1944 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, lives and works in and around Paris Transparent Spaces and Constructed Dreams – Paris, October 1997 In the clutter of his studio, Joe Neill tries to find a name for his imaginary cities, cardboard cutouts with a thousand twists and turns. Who hasn’t dreamed of a journey [...]

Dominique Lomré

Dominique Lomré Born in 1957 in Liège, Belgium, has lived and worked in Italy since 1984 Body Esthetics – Paris, February 1998 Bodies come and go, disappear.“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” Witness Dominique Lomré’s drawings, where the frenzied faces of divas were replaced by paintings of the void from which bodies now emerge. Winged bodies, faceless [...]