Gérard Delafosse

Born in 1952 in Vincennes, lives and works in the Parisian region

Strategic Oblivion – Paris, March 1996

Gérard Delafosse stares into space, surrenders himself to it in a process of deconstruction and reconstruction peculiar to abstraction. Yet emptiness exists only because of the mark – the dot, or line that constitutes it. And all but the essential must be erased. Based on glass and transparency, tracing paper and ink, what has to be suggested is a space providing food for thought and conjuring up an image that draws the spectator’s gaze while leaving it free to wander.

That’s what Gérard Delafosse succeeds in doing so brilliantly with broken, mastered, tamed glass that for him replaces the naked canvas.

Lélia Mordoch

Everything is Possible – Paris, February 2005

What does the media matter as long as there’s substance? A generality brings us back to virtuality. As life goes by, the field of virtualities diminishes, pared down by conscious or unconscious personal choices; fate sometimes steps in without one being able to distinguish it from the simple vicissitudes of everyday life.

One finds oneself at an age that, as a child, one would never have even imagined reaching; on turning around, one comes face to face with a sometimes unfamiliar person who looks back at us out of an imaginary mirror.

The prisoner must escape, break free, rediscover the freedom never experienced at the age of twenty, and use the present to create the pathways to the future.

Continue to search, continue to find, let your-self be guided by pen and ink, the smile of a passer-by, a kiss from a stranger, another sunrise over the Seine seen from the Pont des Arts – drift on the breeze of tomorrow’s laughter.

Lélia Mordoch