Horacio Garcia Rossi

Born in 1926 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, deceased in 2012 in Paris, France. Has lived and worked in Paris.
Member of the G.R.A.V

Light Gray Color – Paris, March 1992

Circles, squares, lines – and the chromatic spectrum. Garcia Rossi plays with “color-light”, tearing it apart, concentrating it, imprisoning it in his canvases.The magic of the prism breaks it up, then puts it back together again through a dynamism derived from light where a dividing line deter- mines the directional flow of the canvas.

Lélia Mordoch

Dear Horacio – Paris, March 2005

When I met you such a long time ago now at the Espace Latino Américain, in Paris, with your ever-changing light boxes, I immediately fell in love with you. Our first exhibition, “Couleur Lumière” (“Color Light”), was… illuminating.

Since then we’ve toured the world together, from Miami to Caracas via Milan and Strasbourg. Whenever we’ve made tiny holes in glass, success has come our way.

You’ve always been faithful to the light you have loved since childhood. Some vocations can never be the warted, yet few know how to fulfill their destiny. You are one of those who do.

Life has smiled upon you, you have smiled back at life; you are the man that the child you were wanted to become. You left everything – family, country, friends – to come to Paris, disembarking from an ocean liner in 1959 with only a cardboard suitcase, the penniless standard-bearer for our dreams, ready to brave the world.

You added a third dimension to light, one that gives the canvas space, with the help of a single white line that enlightens us all.

Lelia Mordoch